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Hearing from the heart of our community: Explore genuine feedback from our engaged and insightful listeners.

Throwback: Chips N Salsa Show

Shelby Busch and Candidate Steve Robinson

Season 8 Episode 7

About Chips N Salsa - 10 Year Advantage

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“Welcome to ‘No Party Favors,’ the home of political satire where we have no agenda, except to find humor in everything, everywhere! Our podcasts are so non-partisan that even our hosts flip a coin each morning to decide who’s on the left and who’s on the right side of the microphone. We believe that laughter is the best policy and we are committed to dissecting politics, not from a partisan viewpoint, but from a comedic angle. Our motto? Making politics laughable since 2018! Remember, here at ‘No Party Favors,’ the only party we pledge allegiance to is the party of laughter. Join us as we make the world a funnier place, one political misstep at a time.

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Eric Williamson

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“Absolutely amaging show. Alice and Jorge knocked it out of the park!”

John B Political Blogger


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Hearing from the Heart of Our Community: Explore genuine feedback from our engaged and insightful listeners.

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